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Social Sports of Bethesda (SSB) was formed in 2003 to provide sport and social activities for adults in the Bethesda, Maryland region. The league is operated by Erik Anderson, Nicholas Jovanovic and Earl Cabellon

The difference between our league and other sports leagues is that we focus on co-ed sports/events and the social aspects of playing team sports. We realize that players can get competitive when participating in sports, but our league also emphasizes having fun. This is accomplished through our game rules that encourage participation and low stress. We also sponsor social events throughout the year including happy hours at the local restaurant/bar after each game.

Fun fact out our staff is that most of us are alumni or staff at the University of Maryland, College Park.  GO TERPS!

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Meet the Staff


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 Social Sports of Bethesda Staff



Nick Jovanvoic

SSB Co-Founder Owner



Erik Anderson

SSB Co-Founder and Owner


Earl Cabellon

SSB League Commissioner


SSB League Coordinator

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Jon Kimble

SSB Coordinator



Erik and Teresa - SSB Owners








Nick, Alison and their little girl - SSB Owners


She's thinking about playing                           She's getting into the game!

in SSB football...